We concept, design and build everything in house.

We Out Here

Location, Location, Location.

Our studio is located in the 91st neighbourhood district in Toronto, where our local context frames our contributions to the Canadian design discourse. We are invested in creating a radical future by exploring new modes of localized production—a high tech craft—in order to move towards stronger communities.

Our Philosophy

Ideas, Made Tangible.

For us, a design is more than just a concept—we believe design starts with a good idea and ends with realizable value propositions. To realize an idea coherently, we believe in adding value at all stages of a project, which we do through vertical integration of manufacturing capabilities and complementary design thinking skill sets. Our practical expertise in manipulating materials is continually developing and making us better designers, thinkers, researchers and makers.

How we work and what we provide is rare and hard to find.  

Our Approach

Problem Solved.

We believe that industrial design is a tool best used to solve a problem. We trust that any opportunity or issue—no matter how physical or philosophical—can be construed as a problem, and a good problem helps us focus our work. We use an iterative toolset of research, observation, synthesis and feedback in order to get to a well-defined a problem—ensuring a well resolved solution.

We are invested in creating a radical future. Locally.